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Triple Your Oral Pleasure With Triple Bristle Brush

It’s 40 seconds of your life,
can you handle that?

The Last Toothbrush You’ll Ever Need to Buy

When the creativity of a dentist and the skills of a German Engineer combine, the results are what you are about to see – the Triple Bristle is the new, effective, and easy way to help clean your teeth and freshen your breath in 1/3 of the time, or about 40 seconds.

Unique Design

Triple Bristle uses THREE angled brush heads for a deeper, better, clean in ⅓ the time. The brush head has self-adjusting bristles that clean all sides of your teeth simultaneously, unlike any other sonic toothbrush on the market.


Designed by a dentist

Three-sided brush head

Time saving

Give Your Teeth a Hug

The Triple Bristle hugs your teeth while it brushes. Choose between the three modes to focus on every area of your mouth, glide the brush along your teeth, and simplify your brushing routine.


Effective clean in 1/3 of the time

3 modes (massage sensitive, low, high)

30 second quadrant timer for deep cleaning

Making Life Easier

Take your Triple Bristle with you – a single charge can last longer than 10 days. So take it on vacation, keep it in your purse, bring it to sleepovers, or keep one in your gym bag. Keeping it with you will not only remind you to keep up on your oral health, but also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Long-lasting charge



Dentist Created


Max Babiner is a 3rd generation dentist, and the creator of the Triple Bristle three-headed sonic toothbrush. He wanted a way for every person to have the same clean they get at the dentist in their own homes. After years of trial and error, he finally perfected the last toothbrush you will ever need, The Triple Bristle.


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